DZC 600

The new DZC 600 overseeder from Eliet makes high tech overseeding possible for an affordable price.



The rejuvenation of a lawn is easy to quantify, the travel speed is constant thanks to the powered wheels and the seed flow can be precisely set. The rejuvenating effect of overseeding treatment can be seen within 14 days provided rainfall is sufficient. In addition, the DZC 600 can be used as a scarifier, which further increases its versatility.


Overseeding is a very efficient method for treating lawns. Work can begin after clearing up following an intensive aeration process. The DZC 600 is very easy to operate. Although the overseeder has a working width of 600mm (23.6"), it remains very compact in size and easy to operate thanks to its powered roller. All operating controls are mounted on the handlebars, such as blade engagement, drive controls, seed distribution switches, lowering to working depth etc.