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In the Spotlight: Prof 6

When you are in need of an industrial shredder to remove unwanted green waste, the Prof 6 is here to help you! Its ingenious design and ease of use are sure to help make yard work a piece of cake.


No more sorting of green waste – 4 Seasons shredder

The Prof 6 distinguishes itself by its ability to shred most any green waste. Not only wood and timber go down easily in this shredder, but also hedge cuttings, bamboo, ivy and so on. This means that you will no longer need to sort your green waste, as most anything can be loaded into the Prof 6. Because of this, the time it takes to shred all your waste materials will be significantly reduced.

Like all machines in the ELIET shredder range, the Prof 6 is equipped with the Chopping Principle™. This means that the blades of the shredder cut with the grain of the wood, instead of against it. These chips are more easily compostable, as the blades of the shredder break down the chips’ structure, which makes them deteriorate faster.


This shredder is self-propelled and easily maneuvered using the handlebar. The Prof 6 is able to drive itself over to where the green waste is in need of shredding, no matter the terrain. Because of this, it is no longer necessary to transport the waste to where the shredder is stationed.

The Prof 6 also comes with different types of wheels. As the name suggests, the Prof 6 On Wheels is the standard model with agricultural tires. These durable wheels can transport the Prof 6 to wherever it needs to be. The Prof 6 Cross Country is equipped with tracks, making it even more easy to drive over unstable terrain. Next, the Prof 6 On Road can be fastened behind a tractor or truck, so it can easily be transported wherever a vehicle can go. Finally, the Prof 6 PTO can, as the name suggests, be installed on the PTO shaft of a tractor.


Prof 6 On Wheels Prof 6 Cross Country Prof 6 On Road Prof 6 PTO


Should the need arise, the knives of the Prof 6 are easily accessible. This way, they can be cleaned or repaired, should they require maintenance. Furthermore, the Prof 6 also has added safety features such as the infeed hopper. The V-shape makes it so that you will automatically stand to the side of the infeed chute, making it a lot safer to use. The discharge chute is designed for the optimal trajectory of the shredded material. Because of this, it is a lot easier to precisely aim the chute at a wheelbarrow, the flower borders or wherever you would like to deposit your chips. The blow chute is made of a seamless material, which makes it less inclined to clog. It is also corrosion resistant, smooth and sound-absorbing and can rotate 280°. Thanks to the Turbo Discharge, green waste is sucked into the shredder and the chipped material is propelled out by the blade turbine.

To make this machine more easy in use, it is equipped with an Anti-Block Motor system. This means that the speed with which green waste enters the shredder is regulated. The ABM system can sense when the motor is struggling with the volume of the green waste, and will make sure the amount of added green waste is adjusted as necessary.

Product specifications:

  • Motor: 14 hp Vanguard 400

  • Max timberdiameter: 100 mm / 4''

  • Chopping speed (cuts/min): 48.000

  • Number of blades: 24 ELIET RESISTTM/8 blades

  • Feed intake opening: 600 x 580 mm / 23,6'' x 22,8''

  • Discharge chute rotation: 280°

  • Capacity (kg per hour): 4 m³ / 475 kg / 1050lbs

  • Weight: 361 kg / 796 lbs

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