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Discover our DZC Overseeder range

The DZC Overseeder collection has been designed by ELIET to help you renovate your lawn in the most optimal way. The machine is equipped with blades that make small cuts in the ground, in which grass seeds are dropped. The Helix Duct ensures that the seeds are dropped over the grooves in the ground, after which leftover soil is dropped on the lawn to cover up the fresh seeds.

This way, the seeds are protected against weather conditions and they are given the best chance at survival and growth.

This machine is available in a range of different sizes, so you can find the one that fits perfect for you: the DZC450, DZC600 and the DZC750.

We have created a short video to highlight the amazing features of this machine. Click below to watch it, or visit our YouTube channel for the latest videos!

For more information on our DZC Overseeders, visit the product page here.