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Pruning can be done any time of the year!

Trees can be pruned at any time of year. Of course, when you do it depends upon the kind of tree. During the winter (November through February), pollarded trees may be pruned, such as willow, poplar, ash, oak and alder. In the month of March, you can prune espaliered trees such as maple, chestnut, hornbeam, sycamore, lime and fruit trees. From April onward, you can turn to the evergreen hedges. Collecting the wood and green clippings that have been cut and placing them into a trailer can be a time-consuming and arduous task. When you use Eliet mobile equipment, you can save time and money.

Eliet shredders for professional use are self-propelled and ride flawlessly even when chipping wood.
Thanks to the patented Chopping Principle™ the resulting wood chips are perfect to use in gardens
between borders. This way, nothing is wasted and everything happens in harmony with nature, a
philosophy which Eliet strongly believes in.

When you’re pruning a hedge, the hedge trimmings can be conveniently sucked up with an Eliet
Cameleon M. This compact all-purpose vacuum with an optional shredder kit is useful in any
garden task in which trimmings have to be cleaned up, such as removing leaves, cutting hedges,
pruning flowers, and so on. Local communities make use of Eliet Truckloaders for professional,
intensive vacuuming that is done in the spring as well as in the fall.